A “Day of Peace” — “End the Madness”

by admin on August 9, 2021

Nuclear Weapons Cost for US was $75 Billion in FY 2020

Dear Concerned Citizen in the USA DATE: August 9, 2021

From Physicians for Social Responsibility, August 9, 2021

Seventy-six years ago today, the city of Nagasaki and 40,000 of its citizens were instantly destroyed by one nuclear bomb. On the anniversary of this devastating event, help us eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons.

We invite you to join our Day of Peace campaign. Through our taxes, Americans spend $2.2 million dollars every HOUR supporting nuclear weapons.

For this year’s commemoration of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, we’re asking each PSR member and ally to commit one day’s salary towards the effort to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons. For one day, let’s put our collective resources toward the world we want to see—a world unburdened by the threat of nuclear weapons.

Your donation to the Day of Peace campaign will infuse our programs with new resources that will help expand our efforts and forge new allies in this fight. Visit psr.org/dayofpeace to make your donation online TODAY.

We believe, with your help, we can eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons in our lifetime.

Thank you for your willingness to commit to making this mission a reality.

>>> Jeff Carter, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)

PSR seeks to End the Madness

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