West Virginia Climate Alliance Promotes Three Major Goals

by Duane Nichols on August 8, 2021

Shall we save planet earth or look for another one?

Twenty WV State-Wide Organizations are Cooperating in the Public Interest

From the West Virginia Climate Alliance, Organized in September 2020

The West Virginia Climate Alliance is a broad-based coalition of almost 20 environmental organizations, faith-based, civil rights and civic organizations, and other groups focused on climate change. Members of the Alliance work together to provide science-based education on climate change to West Virginia citizens and policymakers. We seek to advance climate solutions that focus on three pillars of reform:

1) Climate justice for communities that have borne the brunt of our current fossil-fuel economy

2) A true transition for coal miners and other fossil fuel workers likely to be impacted by the transition to a low-carbon economy

3) A significant reduction in greenhouse gases in accordance with the findings of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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DOWNLOAD: “A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change”

Released in January 2021, the 14-page “A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change,” produced by the WV Climate Alliance, is written by West Virginians for West Virginians. The Guide explains the science behind climate change; details its key impacts in West Virginia such as flooding; and provides common-sense potential solutions to this global problem. Read the guide here or download it to your desktop.


VIDEO: The Three Pillars of the WV Climate Alliance

The work of the West Virginia Climate Alliance focuses on three main pillars: Climate Justice, a True Transition; and Greenhouse Gas reductions in accord with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Here is a short video summarizing them and can serve as a quick video introduction to the Alliance.



FOR MORE ON THE THREE PILLARS, SEE: About the WV Climate Alliance.


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