COP28 Has Ended BUT The Climate Reality Project Continues!

by Duane Nichols on December 21, 2023

This was not an easy decision, and will be extremely difficult to implement, but needed ASAP.

The 28th Conference of the Parties Has Come to a Close: What Comes Next?

Letter Update from the Climate Reality Project, December 19, 2023

Despite its many flaws and contradictions, COP 28 marks a major step forward for our movement. For the first time ever, a COP agreement explicitly acknowledges the main culprit responsible for the climate crisis: fossil fuels. While the agreement falls short of a complete phase out of fossil fuels, it urges countries to transition away from them, calling for a tripling of renewables and doubling of energy efficiency this decade.

Yes, there are caveats. The agreement lacks binding commitments, leaving countries to decide on their own pace of transition. It’s riddled with loopholes to benefit petrostates and fossil fuel lobbyists – who had more representation at the UN climate summit than every country except Brazil and the UAE – through “transitional fuels” like natural gas and unproven and expensive technologies like carbon capture and storage.

Plus, for the many island nations and climate-vulnerable countries whose very survival depends on the world holding rising temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the agreement doesn’t go nearly far enough. But our fight is far from over. If there’s anything to take away from COP 28, it’s the fact that the world is ready to leave fossil fuels behind.

The almost 130 countries supporting a phase out, the near open revolt by island nations, and the public outcry from thousands of climate advocates from around the world all point towards a future where fossil fuels are no longer king. For a recap of COP 28 and what comes next, check out our wrap-up videos at


The road ahead will be challenging, but we are not giving up yet. The science is clear: We need to phase out all fossil fuels to keep our goal of holding warming to 1.5 degrees within reach. Not just unabated fuels. Not just emissions. All fossil fuels.

Critically, we also have to do it fairly. The wealthy nations that got us here need to lead the transition away from coal, oil, and gas and provide the long-promised financing for developing countries to build clean energy economies of their own.

But the biggest takeaway is that now the world is talking about a future without fossil fuels. And that’s worth fighting for.

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PS. Take action today by calling on leaders of the G20 group of major economies to end all subsidies for fossil fuel companies making billions driving climate devastation.


PS. For the United States, it is now crystal clear that our country can no longer justify the Halliburton Loops, that is preferential environmental regulations for the fossil fuel industries. DGN

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Mike Tidwell December 22, 2023 at 12:27 am


Message from the Director: 2023 ~ A Year Of Records

From Mike Tidwell, Founder & Executive Director, CCAN, 12/20/23

The year 2023 has been a time of historic action and progress fighting climate change. But it’s also been a year of alarming impacts, including the record-shattering global heat that will make this, by far, the warmest year on record. Just reading the headlines can be mentally exhausting. And fighting corporate and political greed isn’t easy.

COP28, the U.N. Climate Change Conference, put a shining spotlight on this paradox. On its first day, the participants announced an agreement for an unprecedented fund aimed at helping vulnerable nations hit by climate emergencies. After that, weeks went by at COP28 while a record number of fossil fuel lobbyists and oil nations did everything they could to not only protect but expand the use of fossil fuels. But they failed.

The COP ended with an historic agreement from more than 200 nations, for the first time, to formally transition away from fossil fuels.

Much more needs to be done to implement and accelerate this international agreement, but your team at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) is staying positive and hopeful. How can we do that? By continuing to build a people-powered movement where we can all take action together!

With your support – signing petitions, calling your elected leaders, showing up at events and protests and hearings, jumping in the Potomac with us in February, or investing in CCAN with a donation – we are making a difference and pushing forward. Thank you.

Here’s a quick look at what our team will be up against in 2024:

in Washington, DC we’re taking on Washington Gas.

In Maryland, fossil fuel companies are trying to scuttle our burgeoning offshore wind industry.

In Virginia, we’re taking on the monopoly utility Dominion Energy which wants to upend state law and build a gas “peaker plant,” spewing toxic pollution one mile from an elementary school.

And nationally, we’re up against fossil fuel giants who are pushing the Biden Administration to approve an unprecedented expansion in liquefied natural gas export terminals.

All of these fights are crucial to keep our planet livable for generations to come. So please consider supporting our work in 2024 with a special end-of-year donation. With your support, we’ll continue taking on the big fights.

You can donate today by clicking the link below or by sending a check to P.O. Box 11138, Takoma Park, MD 20913. Thank you for standing with us. Happy New Year!

Mike Tidwell, Executive Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network & CCAN Action Fund


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