“Aspiration” Investing Starts With $500 and Minimal Charges (Fees)

by Duane Nichols on September 14, 2016

Consider Aspiration (Fossil Free) Investing?

Letter on Aspiration Investing from the Sierra Club dated September 13, 2016

Dear Friends:  Do you know what your investment dollars are supporting?

Our choices, large and small, can work toward keeping dirty fuels in the ground, and creating a more sustainable world. And our business partnerships program gives Sierra Club supporters opportunities to make everyday choices that support our mission and environmental goals.

Sustainable investment strategies have been around for a long time, and investors have a number of options to choose from. Until now, most sustainable investment strategies have required significant minimum investments and, as a result, are out of reach for most Americans.

Aspiration is a new kind of financial firm that offers an investment strategy available to a wide range of individuals. Aspiration is committed to investing in sustainable businesses that are leaders in their industry when it comes to environmental practices.

Here is how investing with Aspiration works:

  • Aspiration offers a 100% fossil-fuel free strategy that includes only companies that do not produce, refine, or distribute fossil fuels.
  • Sustainable investing with a minimum investment of only $500.
  • Aspiration allows its clients to “pay what is fair” for its services (including zero).
  • Aspiration donates 10% of its revenue to social mission nonprofits.

Learn more about Aspiration and its sustainable investing strategy.

Aspiration will make a donation to support the Sierra Club’s work for each member or supporter who invests in Aspiration’s sustainable investment strategy. When you open an account with Aspiration, the details about this donation will be included in materials provided to you by Aspiration.

By divesting your dollars and supporting a sustainable future, you can make a difference and help grow the Sierra Club at the same time.

Thank you for all you do, Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club

 Disclaimer: In addition to the donations to support the Sierra Club, the Sierra Club may receive other payments from time to time as part of Aspiration’s participation in the Sierra Club’s business partnership program (including marketing or advertising expenses). Payments to the Sierra Club (including Aspiration’s donations) will have no impact on any fees you may pay in connection with any investments you make or on any other aspect of your account with Aspiration. The Sierra Club is working to raise awareness of sustainable investment strategies, but the Sierra Club is not an investment adviser or a securities broker. It has no expertise in the evaluation of investments, and is not qualified to make (and is not making) recommendations to any person regarding investments (including whether you should invest with Aspiration). You should evaluate a potential investment with Aspiration based on your personal financial situation and goals, in consultation with your own advisers.

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John September 15, 2016 at 7:29 am

Dear Friends,

The disclaimer is the typical BS everyone that wants your money comes up with…

It’s all the same, after all and by the end of the day: give us your money, but hey, we are not responsible for anything, and we can’t be held accountable, no liability.

We are better than them, but not really!



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