Protest rally set in support of Sisters Chapel

Dear Friend, October 18, 2017

RE: Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline in South Central Pennsylvania

On Monday, twenty-three courageous members of our movement were arrested in front of an excavator on land belonging to the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in West Hempfield Township, in Lancaster County, PA. Those arrested ranged in age from 16 to 86, and included three pastors. (They are now the “Chapel 23.”)

Their love of this land, their willing sacrifice, and their inspiring poise declared that our work is driven by something deeper than Williams’s greed and gasoline. The arrested have touched our hearts, taught us the power of peaceful resistance, and strengthened our resolve more than ever.

An incredible outpouring of unity and support continues today as the Chapel 23 recover. Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed our live feed videos online, with 100,000 viewing our video of the arrests; our Facebook page received more than 500 new followers; the events were reported by _NBC_, _Democracy Now_, and _Al Jazeera, _ as well as most local media outlets and practically every Catholic publication there is.

And we’re just getting started! In the days ahead, we’ll look back on the Chapel 23 as a turning point in our movement. Which is precisely Williams’ worst fear.



AT 10:30 AM, WE’LL MEET AGAIN AT THE SISTERS’ CHAPEL AT 3939 LAUREL RUN IN COLUMBIA, PA 17512. First, we’ll celebrate that site of Sacred Resistance with a spirited rally. Second, we’ve planned another creative Mass Action to halt pipeline construction for another day in Lancaster County.

Come ready to sing, to celebrate the power of communities rising, and to shut down some heavy equipment. There will be plenty of roles to play across the full range of risks levels, most being entirely non-arrestable.

Note: Immediately _preceding_ LAP’s 10:30 gathering, the Lancaster Friends Quaker Meeting will be hosting a service of quiet reflection at the Chapel at 9:30 AM. All who wish to attend are welcome!


The major victory of Monday was that our courage exposed the radical injustice of corporate tyranny, whereby the current system gives communities no legal avenue for protecting our land, water, and homes against even the most appalling corporate harms.

Our actions announced that we’re no longer willing to accept this system of legalized endangerment. We can no longer look the other way, or passively accept that poisoned water and condemned farmland is simply “the way it is.”

So we’ll continue to challenge this system, head on, with a relentless campaign of joyful Civil Disobedience. Our goal? To force our elected officials, law enforcement, and local judges to side with us — the people — by refusing to participate in the raw exploitation of their own communities.

We’re not just stopping a pipeline. We’re breaking a system that’s killing us.

>>> Lancaster Against Pipelines

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Proximity of drilling, fracking, seismic surveys of concern

Monroeville (Pennsylvania) puts limits on fracking

From an Article by Dillon Carr, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, October 13, 2017

Monroeville council has approved an ordinance that limits Marcellus shale drilling to heavy industrial zones.

The ordinance was spurred by residents’ concerns that seismic testing planned by a Monroeville oil and gas exploration company would lead to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the area.

Resident and founder of the anti-fracking Sustainable Monroeville advocacy group, Elisa Beck, called the vote a step in the right direction. “We’re all paying attention to make sure we’re protected to maintain fresh and clean water,” she said.

Huntley and Huntley, the company having seismic testing done throughout the region, has said it has no plans for gas wells in Monroeville.

But resident David Mintz, who has expressed support for the zoning amendment, remains uneasy about the possibility of fracking in the municipality. “There’s a lot of residents who live near the industrial area,” he said during a recent council meeting.

Mintz also asked whether the municipality could ban fracking. “We have to allow that activity take place somewhere,” Solicitor Robert Wratcher said. “The trick is in trying to minimize it … we can’t just have a blanket prohibition.”


Fracking Surveyor Hauls Obstinate Town to Court

From an Article by Lana Morelli, Courthouse News, October 13, 2017

PITTSBURGH (CN) – Saying the small city of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, is hurting its business with strict regulations, fracking surveyor Geokinetics asked a federal judge to intervene.

Just east of Pittsburgh, Monroeville became the area’s third community to regulate seismic testing with a unanimous vote last month by the city council.

In its October 11th complaint filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Geokinetics scoffs at the notion that lawmakers had a valid reason for their interference.

“Upon information and belief, Monroeville’s intransigence is not motivated by any legitimate concerns for the health and safety of its citizens but rather by its council’s concerns about November elections,” the complaint states, filed by Steptoe & Johnson attorney Kevin Gormly.

Otherwise known as hydraulic fracturing, the process of injecting high-pressure mixtures of chemicals into the earth to extract oil and gas from rock was once widely embraced by communities on the gas-rich Marcellus Shale. In recent years, however, pressure from environmental groups and science connecting fracking to earthquakes has shifted the tides.

Monroeville has not returned a request for comment on the complaint, which paints Geokinetics as an innocent victim caught in political crossfire.

“At issue is solely Geokinetics’ need to collect data using Monroeville roads and rights-of-way through use of vibroseis vehicles, which PennDOT has determined to be safe, and temporary placement of receivers,” the complaint states. “No opening of the surface of the roads is necessary. Geokinetics is willing to post a bond and hold Monroeville harmless against any claims.”

Geokinetics is one of the world’s largest independent land and seafloor geophysical companies, specializing in acquiring and processing seismic data. It set its sights on Monroeville this year as part of a 191-square-mile project with the oil company Huntley & Huntley Exploration involving Allegheny and Westmoreland counties.

While seismic testing can require the “drilling of shot holes on parcels of land,” according to the complaint, it principally involves the use of sound waves to map rock layers underground.

Geokinetics emphasizes that the minor shock waves caused by its Pennsylvania Department of Transportation-approved vibroseis trucks “virtually preclud[e] damage to the highways,” the complaint states.

Monroeville had no ordinance in place regarding seismic testing, Geokinetics notes, when it first requested permission to use the city’s roads for its survey. Aiming to complete its survey by February 2018, Geokinetics says it has no option but to get an injunction.


ACP and MVP Pipeline Projects Under Regulatory Review

October 18, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 13, 2017 FERC Rubber Stamps Fracked Gas Pipelines Despite Widespread Concerns and Opposition — Certificates for Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline Continue Dangerous Trend — WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), after recently regaining a quorum, granted federal approval for the fracked gas Atlantic Coast [...]

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Some Twenty-Six (26) Arrested in Protest on Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

October 17, 2017

Lancaster pipeline protest: What we know now From an Article by Scott Blanchard, York Daily Record, October 16, 2017 About 26 people who were protesting the construction of a planned natural gas pipeline in Lancaster County were arrested on Monday. A group of people protested construction Monday at the site of a planned natural gas [...]

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Well Water Disappears on Marshall County Farm; What’s the Cause?

October 16, 2017

Farm family looking for answers after well runs dry From an Article by Anthony Conn, WTOV News 9, October 12, 2017 MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. — A family’s well suddenly dries up overnight, leaving them to search for the cause. Water is a key part of everyday life. Unfortunately for one Moundsville family, they’re learning the [...]

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Sisters of Lancaster Standing Up to Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

October 15, 2017

Dear Friends – This is a mass call for action to every one of you who has committed to stopping the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. Williams, the builder, has told the Sisters that they will begin construction on Monday. We will be there, together. MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 7 AM at 3939 LAUREL RUN, COLUMBIA, PA 17512 [...]

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West Virginia Should Balance Benefits to Shale Drillers and Resident Citizens

October 14, 2017

WV lawmakers must protect us to see benefits of drilling From the Guest Opinion-Editorial by David McMahon, Charleston Gazette-Mail, October 9, 2017 I write in response to the op-ed by the executive director of the West Virginia Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia in which he opined that gas production in Pennsylvania and [...]

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Join the Sierra Club and Bloomberg in Defending the Clean Power Plan!

October 13, 2017

Dear Friends, HUGE news. Date: October 11, 2017 Today Michael Bloomberg visited Sierra Club’s office in Washington, D.C. and announced an increased commitment to retire America’s coal plants and transition the U.S. economy to a clean energy future. With the generosity of Bloomberg Philanthropies and others, we will amplify our existing success to achieve ever [...]

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Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is Acidifying our Oceans!!!

October 12, 2017

What Scientists Are Learning About the Impact of an Acidifying Ocean From an Article by Matthew Bergen, News Deeply, October 2, 2017 The effects of ocean acidification on marine life have only become widely recognized in the past decade. Now researchers are rapidly expanding the scope of investigations into what falling pH means for ocean [...]

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Mankind has Interrupted the Holocene on the Geological Time Scale

October 11, 2017

Humans Have Messed With Earth So Much, Formal ‘Anthropocene’ Classification Now Needed From an Article by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, October 2, 2017 From climate change to invasive species to changes in the planets fundamental chemical cycles, the markers indicating profound change make clear that the Holocene is over. A group of scientists says that [...]

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