TIME FOR ACTION ~ Joe Biden needs to stand up to Big Oil and Gas!

by Duane Nichols on January 25, 2024

Now it’s time to squeeze off these LNG shipments! dgn

Breaking News: Is Biden standing up to Big Oil and gas?

From the Appeal of Catharine Collentine, The Sierra Club, January 24, 2024

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the Biden administration is poised to announce a pause on what would be the largest gas export terminal in the nation, CP2, to evaluate its impacts on our climate.1 This would be a huge victory for our health and future. CP2 alone would cause 20 TIMES as much carbon pollution as the Willow Project in Alaska.

Our advocacy is working, but we need to turn up the heat right now to stop the expansion of gas exports once and for all! We have a real opportunity to protect our future – let’s seize it.

Act Now!

White House Said to Delay Decision on Enormous Natural Gas Export Terminal

Source: The New York Times. For months, the fossil fuel industry has been trying to push through more than 20 liquified “natural” gas (LNG) export projects across the country. If built, they could have the equivalent emissions of more than 550 coal-fired power plants. Further, these facilities will poison the air of communities in the Gulf South and Appalachia with dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals.

Any day now, the Biden admin is expected to act to stop the expansion of gas exports. This is happening because of public pressure — that’s all of us speaking up by sending petitions, posting on social media, talking with friends and family, lobbying elected officials, and more.

Last year, we sent the Biden administration over 400,000 petitions from Sierra Club supporters and our partners protesting CP2, the largest of these gas export projects. If built, this export terminal would emit the greenhouse gas emission equivalent of 50 coal-fired power plants every year.

President Biden and Department of Energy Secretary Granholm are feeling the pressure. Act now to demand they reject expanded gas exports.

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