Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction in Indian Creek in Monroe County, WV

by admin on November 25, 2023

Unusually large 42 inch pipe with coating exposed to extensive weathering

TO WV DEP and Others Whom It May Concern:

SOURCE ~ WV DEP COMPLAINT # 266 Indian Creek 11-24-23

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I appreciate the conversation with Jason Liddle yesterday afternoon and the explanation that MVP working in the stream is not contrary to the MVP Construction plan to open cut the stream, but that the release of sediment downstream is a saturation that may not be allowable. I look forward to learning more about this after a site visit by WV DEP..

>>> This was the original email sent yesterday, 11-24-23:

TO WV DEP and Others Whom It May Concern:

This morning I was heading to Greenville to get some gas from the store and when I past the Indian Creek Crossing alongside Rt 122, I witnesses MVP working in the stream with an excavator. I snapped a few pictures and will write a full Complaint later today. They are stirring up sediment and who knows what might be leaking into the stream from the machine or washing off of its tracks.

I tried calling Dennis Stottlemeyer and Jason Liddle but did not get an answer. I left an email on Jason Liddle’s phone. I called the Spill Hotline and made a complaint. This is the report number … 32-36890.

I was told that WV DEP was off for a holiday and that no one was available to answer my call. I assume that MVP knew this and probably figured that nothing would be done about this and just proceeded anyway. This is what a “good neighbor would do”.

I have a special attachment to this particular place in Indian Creek because it is where I was baptized in the early 80′s and to see an excavator sitting at the exact spot where that occurred was somewhat sacrilegious to me.

All season plunges into Indian Creek are not uncommon

>> Sincerely,

Maury Johnson,
3227 Ellison Ridge,
Greenville, WV 24945

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