West Virginians for Energy Freedom says “Save Net Metering”

by Duane Nichols on November 16, 2023

Cooperating groups all agree, let’s save …. Net Metering

The Sierra Club needs your help to save solar energy!
Submitted by the WV Citizen Action Group, Charleston, WV, November 16, 2023

Join us Saturday to circulate the petition to friends, neighbors, and football fans at the WVU football game Saturday, Nov. 18.

From our friends at Sierra Club of WV:

Our electric utility, MonPower, has a proposal before the WV Public Service Commission to reduce benefits for solar energy for local residents. Specifically, they propose to cut in half the reimbursement for solar-generated electricity returned to the grid via net metering.

Net metering benefits residential solar homeowners. When the homeowner, does not use all the electricity they generate, the excess is fed into the grid, running their electric meter backwards. At night, the homeowner draws electricity from the grid, running their meter forwards. The homeowner pays the utility for the net electricity they actually use.

But MonPower proposes to credit homeowners only half as much for the electricity they generate, as for what they use. We think this is unfair, and it greatly reduces the economic incentive for homeowners to install their own solar panels.

In cooperations with other groups, we are petitioning the Public Service Commission to oppose MonPower’s money grab, and to keep the fair, one-to-one net metering rule that we now enjoy.

If you think you might go solar one of these days, this is important to you!

Click on the link below to sign a petition sponsored by our partners at West Virginians For Energy Freedom:

§ — Sign Petition Now ….

Ready to join us on Saturday?

When: Saturday, November 18th at 12:00PM (noon)

Where: Lot 43 on the Evansdale campus (across from the WVU Greenhouse, 1206 Evansdale Drive).

What: You will get fact sheets, talking points, clipboards, petitions, AND HOT CHOCOLATE!

We will finish well before the game starts (kick-off is at 2:30) for those who want to join the game, plus that gets everyone back in time to avoid the football traffic rush.

Please RSVP to Jim Kotcon: jkotcon@gmail.com to let him know if you can join in!

Thank you for supporting solar energy! Contributions can also be made to: WV Citizen Action, 1500 Dixie Street, Charleston, WV 25311

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Mike Manypenny November 19, 2023 at 9:26 am

Power companies have had a Monopoly for nearly a century and over the past Decade never held up their part of the bargain when a portion of our rate was to pay for line management and then after numerous incidents of storms taking out lines, they ask for an increase in rates to help maintain lines that they never maintained when they were paid to before.

Profit is not a one way street. The rate payer deserves to benefit from the century of benefit the PSC has granted utilities especially since they have basically been granted a guaranteed profit through requested rate increases which they almost always get. It’s time to give residents a hand up instead of utility companies.


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