THIS IS REAL ….. 90 Good Reasons to Ban Fracking in Every State, Not Just Maryland

by Duane Nichols on September 29, 2023

Indeed 90 reasons easily found, many more exist. Fracking is out in MD.

Don’t Frack Maryland Campaign of Mothers & Grandmothers Call Out Drilling & Fracking

Article Copied from Citizen Shale, Facebook Online, April 10, 2017 ·

It began as a friendly challenge: “I bet we could come up with a different reason to ban fracking every day of the legislative session: 90 reasons for 90 days.” Instead, it became a test: “Which of the many reasons will be the most powerful and compelling to include in the top 90 reasons?” Many worthy contenders didn’t make the cut.

The Reasons Project, a communication tool for the Don’t Frack Maryland campaign, was the work of five mothers and grandmothers. We began with the basics: harm to health and safety; air, water and climate; land and community. Along the way, we incorporated new research. We posted the Reasons on Facebook and other social media each day of the 2017 Maryland legislative session — January 11 to April 10 — 90 days. We also printed them as posters to hold or pin on our coats at marches and other events.

We culled reasons from scientific research, government reports and investigative journalism. Toward the end of the project, we included quotes from legislators, activists and researchers, adding their voices to the inevitable conclusion: Fracking is not safe for our communities or the climate. When it became clear that Maryland legislators would pass and our governor would sign a fracking ban bill, we closed with some visions of a fossil-free future.

In Maryland, we banned fracking. This project is dedicated to those who worked toward that goal for many years. We send this project with care to the many fractivists who continue the struggle. May it not take too many more than 90 reasons before we ban fracking from all the places we love.


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