‘Halt the Harm’ Program on Wasted Water for Drilling & Fracking

by Duane Nichols on September 12, 2023

Wasted Water: The Impacts of Fracking’s Water Use from Pennsylvania to Colorado

Introduction by Erica Jackson, FracTracker Alliance, August 30, 2023

In Pennsylvania alone fracking operations consume a staggering 19 million gallons of freshwater per well. Once those millions of gallons of surface water are taken for fracking, the water is permanently removed from the water cycle, impacting the quantity and quality of water in the ecosystem.

In states like Pennsylvania, Colorado, and California, oil & gas companies are wasting more and more water to extract the same amount of oil & gas. This has big implications as climate change reduces available water resources and makes droughts more frequent in states like these.

Watch this webinar from FracTracker Alliance and Halt the Harm Network on the impacts of the fracking industry’s reckless water usage. Kat Wilson, Environmental Health Fellow at FracTracker Alliance, discussed her research into how much water fracking operations are wasting in Pennsylvania, the industry’s lack of transparency, and the impacts on water systems and communities. Following Kat’s presentation, Rose Reilly and Julie DiCenzo discussed their ongoing campaigns to protect the Big Sewickley Creek from the harms of fracking. Finally, Kyle Ferrar, the Western Program Manager with FracTracker, presented the current fight around the Oil & Gas industry’s abuse of water resources in California and Colorado.

Speakers In This Program:

>> Kat Wilson, FracTracker Alliance
>> Rosie Reilly, a biologist and water quality specialist from Beaver County, PA
​>> Julie DiCenzo, a former medical writer and editor from Allegheny County, PA
>> Kyle Ferrar, FracTracker Alliance

The recording for “Wasted Water: The Impacts of Fracking’s Water Use from Pennsylvania to Colorado” is now available on Halt the Harm’s network.

Did you miss the event? Check out this great explanation from Kat Wilson about how much water fracking operations waste in Pennsylvania and their impact on drinking water and ecosystems:

“19 Million Gallons of Water Wasted on Each Fracked Well” — Kat Wilson

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>>> Best, Kevin Richardson, Halt the Harm Network

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