Some Growing Threats from Chemical Pollution ~ Frac Sand Sentinel #431

by admin on February 24, 2023

Cool & clear & clean water is wonderful and necessary …!

Growing Threats of Land Disturances, Water Contamination & Air Pollution

From the Article of Patricia Popple, Frac Sand Sentinel #431, February 23, 2023

Chemical additives of all varieties have been added to the hydraulic fracturing process along with frack sand and water to crack open fissures in the earth’s layers to allow oil and gas to leave the formation. In addition, various chemicals are added to the cleaning process when frack sand is blasted, crushed, washed and processed at facilities located throughout the United States. The additives are not disclosed to the public. Should we be concerned about our water, our soil, and our air and what has been added to our environment just to allow the fossil fuel industry to function without concern for life on this planet?

Other industries are known chemical pollutors too, and they have been doing so for many decades. It is not that we haven’t known about it. We have been made aware of the issues over many years. Finding “forever chemicals” in our drinking water only serves to highlight the severity of the issues we face currently but also in the future for generations to come.

This past week, I received a YouTube video link from a friend in St. Paul. It involved a discussion between a scientist and Nate Hagens known for his interest in health and environmental issues. I urge you to watch it. It may be longer than you would like, but it will give you an understanding of the issues we face and a challenge to all of us to take action to end the use of chemicals known to cause damages to all living things. Plastic use is also a topic of discussion.

The link is HERE! ………. OR the same link below:


CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE: and for additional information, click here for panoramic aerial views of frac sand mines, processing plants, and trans-load facilities. is also an excellent source of information and a picture source.

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