FOOD & WATER ACTION ~ Factory Farms & Fracking Need Regulation

by Duane Nichols on November 7, 2022

YOU are needed now to STEP UP and VOTE and make a DIFFERENCE!

It’s Time To Go All In (Food & Water Watch + Action)

Message from Mark Ruffalo for Food & Water Action, November 7, 2022

Our food system is threatened by factory farms. Our water is in danger of depletion and price gouging. Our climate is at a tipping point where catastrophes could become a way of life. The only thing that can stop this is us. We must go all in to protect key seats in Congress and defend our future. Our proven strategies can turn the tide and we need your help to make it work.

Fracking is also on the ballot this year, given that many Republican candidates are in the fossil fuel industry’s pocket. We can’t allow them to take control of Congress. But right now, some are gaining in the polls and we need to stop them.

Election Day is TOMORROW. Food & Water Action is mobilizing voters around the country, and I’m doing everything I can to get folks to turn out and vote!

I know that as a fierce environmental activist like me, you’re probably already voting, so here’s what you can do to triple your impact: Talk with three friends about the importance of voting, and reply back to this email to let us know how your conversations went.

Then make a gift to Food & Water Action to support their organizing to elect climate champions.

At a time when we’re seeing disasters supercharged by climate change on a regular basis, and with fracked gas prices spiking, we simply can’t afford to go backward now. Join me in voting and getting your friends and family to vote for climate champions. Together, we can empower our progressive allies to continue fighting with us.

>>> Thank you, Mark Ruffalo on behalf of Food & Water Action & Food & Water Watch

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Mark Ruffalo November 7, 2022 at 7:39 pm


The far-right has shown us who they are, and it’s long past time we believe them. Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin Republicans rolled back worker protections and gerrymandered legislative maps. They have played petty partisan games and vetoed critical pieces of legislation to protect access to abortion and help working families.

Republicans are vying for absolute power in Wisconsin, and we cannot let them get away with it. If they win in 2 short days, they will continue to restrict access to the ballot box, pass even more punitive restrictions on abortion, and rewrite the rules of elections in their favor.

The team at WisDems has been working all year long to build relationships with voters across Wisconsin, promote democracy, and expand their best-in-class organizing program to help Democrats win up and down the ballot.

Vote like our democracy depends upon it ….

>>> Thank you for voting ….Mark Ruffalo


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