Huge SCAM Being Perpetrated by Fossil Fuel Industry — “Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)”

by Duane Nichols on October 5, 2022

CO2 capture is quite difficult and expensive! CO2 storage is extremely so!

SAY NO TO ~ “C.C.S” ~

Carbon Dioxide Capture is Expensive
Large-Scale Carbon Dioxide Storage is Impractical

>>> Based on the Letter of Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch, October 5, 2022

We expect our elected leaders to spend our taxpayer money wisely when it comes to things like healthcare, housing, and the environment. But Congress is looking to hand out huge new taxpayer subsidies to the fossil energy industries, for a new scam called carbon capture and storage or CCS.

Write your Representative to say ‘no’ to funding oil and gas executives’ scheme to pad their pockets.

CCS is a mix of failed, unproven, and sometimes made-up technologies fossil fuel executives claim will magically tackle climate change by sucking up carbon emissions. The only problem? It’s a lie.

In the meantime, oil and gas executives are trying to fool Washington politicians into funding their scam. Don’t let Congress give the fossil fuel industry our money for a scam when we should instead be funding clean renewable energy like wind and solar.

When it comes to the environment, some politicians would rather listen to corporations than their constituents. They’re giving in to oil and gas executives’ carbon capture scam because they’d rather collect millions in corporate campaign dollars then do right by us and our money.

While many families are struggling to make ends meet, we shouldn’t be giving oil and gas corporations billions for a new climate scam. Don’t let your representative flush money down a coal mine or an oil / gas well. Tell them to invest in proven renewable energy, not the carbon capture scam.


Thanks from Wenonah Hauter, Founder and Executive Director, Food & Water Watch, 1616 P St. NW, Suite #300 • Washington, DC 20036


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CCS is a fantasy that industry leaders and many politicians are pushing above anything else. But it’s just another scam that will boost profits and continue to generate pollution with disastrous consequences for communities already sickened by air and water toxins from dirty energy power plants.

This fantasy goes by the name of “carbon capture and storage.” It refers to technologies designed to trap and remove carbon emissions from smokestacks or the atmosphere itself. And it’s gotten a lot of buzz lately. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law allocated billions of dollars to develop and deploy carbon capture. The Inflation Reduction Act will send billions more.

But carbon capture isn’t a solution to climate change. In fact, it will entrench and grow the pollution that has already plagued frontline communities for decades.

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