Proposed “Science Facility” would Pollute the Morgantown Area

by admin on January 3, 2022

Morgantown Industrial Park would be impacted by new facility

Mysterious operation could be big polluter

Letter to the Editor, Morgantown Dominion Post, January 2, 2022

A presumed cryptocurrency mining operation appears to be headed for the Morgantown Industrial Park — adjacent to Skyview Elementary and Westwood Middle schools, as well as numerous residences and businesses, and located just across the Mon River from Morgantown. It has the potential to affect air quality, noise and other aspects of our quality of life.

Marion Energy Partners LLC, a company having the same address and contact person as Northeast Natural Gas, recently obtained a draft air-quality permit from the state for a “Science Facility.” The facility will run 24/7/365 with power generated via untreated natural gas from a nearby Northeast Natural Gas well.

The draft permit has no Best Available Control Technology analysis, has relatively high greenhouse gas emissions allowances and does not consider aggregation of emissions, despite the well pad and the facility having the same ultimate owner. It has no noise limits and no restriction on the quantity of electronic waste it will produce.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Air Quality is holding a virtual public meeting at 6 p.m. Jan. 11, where you can find out more. Register before 5 p.m. Jan. 11 at:

and you’ll receive an e-mail on how to join the public meeting. If you prefer to participate by phone, please call the DEP-DAQ at 304-926-0475 before Jan. 11.

Details on how to download the draft permit, the application and other materials regarding the permit decision are available at: (Permit Application R13-3533).

The Division of Air Quality will accept written comments until 5 p.m. Jan. 13, by email to: with “Marion Energy Partners Comments” in the subject line, or by regular mail to Edward Andrews, WV Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Air Quality, 601 57th St. SE, Charleston, WV 25304.

Paula Hunt, Morgantown

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Mary Wildfire January 4, 2022 at 11:12 am

This is an outrage.

Any “Bitcoin mining” facility anywhere is using huge amounts of power to work meaningless equations, somehow believed to grant currency?

But, especially doing it in Morgantown Industrial Park is illogical. Hasn’t Morgantown suffered ENOUGH dirty power generation facilities?

Morgantown residents could not fend off Longview — I hope this time citizen outrage is enough to stifle this proposal.


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