LIVING ON EARTH ~ “Four Very Delightful Animal Stories”

by Duane Nichols on January 1, 2022

Julie Zickefoose named this rabbit ‘Red’

Show Transcript and Sound Recordings — “Living on Earth” (Public Radio)

>>>>>>HOSTS: Bobby Bascomb, Jenni Doering, Aynsley O’Neill

>>>GUESTS: Joe Bruchac, Tierra Curry, Jennifer Junghans, Julie Zickefoose

[THEME]~ BASCOMB: From PRX – this is Living On Earth. I’m Bobby Bascomb and to celebrate the season we’re taking a break from the news with an hour of stories starring animals, including a mother rabbit determined to care for her young.

ZICKEFOOSE: I mean, she was not gonna let anything stop her, and I think people think of rabbits as these timid little shivering animals but they’re anything but. These things know what they’re doing and this mother wanted to get to her babies, and by God she did. She just needed a little help.

DOERING: And I’m Jenni Doering, also, a scientist shares her close encounter with wildlife during an Alaskan snow storm.

CURRY: I was driving to this flight center, with the two bald eagles in my back seat, which was cool enough. But I kept having to get out of the car and chink the ice off my windshield wipers and I look up, and there’s a wolf at the edge of the woods, just looking at me.

O’NEILL: And I’m Aynsley O’Neill with bunnies, and eagles, and wolves oh my! Animal story telling this week on Living on Earth – Stick Around!

[MUSIC: Boards Of Canada “Zoetrope” from “In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country” ]



1. Care for the Common Critter (12.21)

As a wildlife rehabilitator, Julie Zickefoose has had some remarkable encounters with animals. She joins Bobby Bascomb to share some of her own stories and animal insights as well as tales of uncommon encounters others have had while helping common woodchucks and rabbits in need. (12:21)

2. ‘It Could Be the Last One’: Stories of People Helping Rare Critters (08.34)

As an endangered species advocate, Tierra Curry gets calls and emails from strangers across the country who think they might have found the very last plant or animal of a particular rare species. She shares some of the most humorous and heartwarming stories with Jenni Doering, as well as a story about her own breathtaking encounter with a wolf in an Alaskan snowstorm. (08:34)

3. Wildly Magical: Animal Encounters in the Galapagos (10.11)

Writer Jennifer Junghans had always dreamed of going to the Galapagos to swim with the marine iguanas. In 2017 she finally had her chance, and although the iguanas stayed high and dry, the experience brought her up close with blue-footed boobies and blacktip sharks, and face-to-face with a curious pufferfish. Jennifer shares her story of visiting “the remote wilderness of her dreams” with Aynsley O’Neill, who spent a memorable summer studying in the Galapagos. (10:11)

4. Native American Stories of Human and Animal Kinship (16.33)

Many Native American communities belong to a clan which identifies with an animal, like the bear, deer, or loon, and they are featured in their stories. Storyteller and musician Joe Bruchac of the Nulhegan Abenaki tribe joins Bobby Bascomb to share flute music and stories of how the dog came to be a loyal human companion, as well as lessons from a mother bear. (16:33)


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