More Local Residents in Weirton Object to Marcellus Well Pads

by Diana Gooding on November 18, 2021


Public meeting in Weirton, WV

Weirton residents against gas well pads near homes, churches & schools

From an Article by Rebecca Little, WTRF News 7, Wheeling, WV, November 18, 2021

WEIRTON, W.Va.- (WTRF) One by one Weirton residents are starting to stand up to the potential construction of a gas well pad that is supposed to be built off of Park Drive.

It is proposed to be built on a 300-acre piece of property and on Wednesday night the small crowd showed up at the Weirton Milsop Community Center for a town hall meeting in hopes of putting a stop to the Southwestern Energy project from ever happening.

The meeting was spearheaded by former Weirton City Manager and Attorney Joe DiBartolomeo who encouraged residents, who live in the area of Three Springs Drive, to write to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection detailing their grievances.

Some 14 residents have already written to the director of permitting for gas wells to voice their opposition to the proposed site that is within the city limits.

Among the concerns, according to residents, the close proximity of the gas well pad site to their homes, churches, schools, restaurants and hotels, not to mention the noise plus the danger of a potential accident at the site.

“I am concerned what it might do to the city aquifers as far as water contamination. There’s no question that there will be noise problems with all these heavy trucks. I am sure there will be accidents the damages to the road. There are all sorts of issues and the property values are going to go down and we’re trying to attract people to the city of Weirton. That isn’t going to get it done.” — Joe DiBartolomeo, Concerned Resident

DiBartolomeo says the Weirton Zoning Board voted twice against granting Southwestern Energy the permit to build the gas well pad. He says the energy company is appealing that decision along with another appeal in the Brooke County Circuit Court.


UPDATE on November 18, 2021: Southwestern Energy provided the following statement regarding the gas well pad in Weirton.

“Protecting the health and safety of our workers, community and the environment are core Southwestern values that guide our ongoing and future operations. We welcome constructive input and feedback from local residents as this important economic development project moves forward, and we are committed to responsibly developing natural gas in the region, as well as being a good neighbor and steward of the environment.” — Southwestern Energy


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