Prepare for the Army Corps Hearing on the ‘Mountain Valley Pipeline’

by Duane Nichols on October 25, 2021

These 404 permits are to protect streams and rivers

Tell the Army Corps: Stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

From the Appeal by Caroline Hansley, Sierra Club, October 24, 2021

The Army Corps of Engineers could soon issue a key permit that would allow the dangerous Mountain Valley Pipeline to continue construction — even though its construction has already harmed clean water sources across Appalachia and racked up hundreds of water quality-related violations.

Although they’ve racked up hundreds of water quality-related violations, the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) now wants permission to repeat history and be granted a Clean Water Act Section 404 permit to carry fracked gas across streams and wetlands throughout Appalachia. Now is our chance to lend our voices to this critical process.

Act now to defend our water from this unnecessary, destructive pipeline. Prepare on Tuesday, October 26th at 7:30 PM.

All of us have raised our voices against MVP’s failure to follow the law on hundreds of occasions. MVP is suffering the consequences of those violations and now we must insist that new permits be denied once and for all.

The National Park Service has expressed serious concerns about the pipeline and the Environmental Protection Agency also pointed out major deficiencies in MVP’s application around the avoidance of impacts to water resources and the need to establish baseline water quality conditions.

In addition to numerous private wells and springs along the route, MVP has the potential to impact drinking water supplies of eight public water utilities and millions of people. Also, the pipeline just isn’t needed and will contribute significant amounts of methane to the atmosphere accelerating the impacts of our climate crisis.

The bottom line is that MVP is an artifact of a dirty energy past. It’s over budget, behind schedule, terrible for the climate and clean water, and no one needs the dirty fracked gas it will carry.

Lets Stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline Now. See the blog on for October 17th here.

>> Yours in fighting this pipeline, Caroline Hansley, Sierra Club Dirty Fuels Campaign


Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World — “On Being” — National Public Radio, Transcript, October 21, 2021

Author: Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Katharine Hayhoe is one of the most esteemed atmospheric scientists in the world. She’s made her mark by connecting dots between climate systems and weather patterns and the lived experience of human beings in their neighborhoods and communities — how global temperature shifts, a metric that can feel abstract to most of us, will directly lead to sewer overflow and flooded basements and warped train rails. She’s been called in to advise California and the U.S. Northeast, as they plan for a relationship between human and ecological systems that is literally morphing before our eyes.

But Katharine Hayhoe is a connector of dots, too — an ambassador, if you will, between the science of climate change and the world of evangelical Christian faith and practice, which she also inhabits and which encompasses some who outright disbelieve in the subject of her life’s work. Yet to delve into that with her is to learn a great deal that refreshingly complicates the picture of what is possible and what is already happening, even across what feel like cultural battle lines. If you want to see and walk differently on this frontier, even with humans with whom you disagree, this is a conversation for you.

The broadcast audio recording is available here.

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