Will You HELP! Build New & “Build Back Better” ~ Contact Your Senators Now!

by Duane Nichols on September 16, 2021

WV Climate Alliance say “Build Back Better” ASAP

Senator Manchin and Senator Capito Need to Hear YOUR CLIMATE CONCERNS

>> Greetings from Sandra Fallon, Morgantown, hope this message finds you doing well ~~~

I’m writing to ask for your assistance related to current efforts going on in West Virginia to help get strong climate provisions included in the $3.5T reconciliation budget (President Biden’s Build Back Better plan) currently being negotiated in the US Congress. I’m hoping you will post information about this in FrackCheckWV.net.

A group I volunteer with, WV Climate Alliance, is asking people to reach out and/or otherwise urge our Senators to support strong climate provisions in the reconciliation budget. This could be our last, best hope for significant climate solutions at the federal level; Senator Manchin and Senator Capito need to know how important this is to our State, our Nation and the Earth.

Strategies for getting messages to the Senators could include conducting or joining a lobby meeting, publishing an Op Ed or Letter to the Editor (LTE) in a local newspaper or the Charleston Gazette, as well as calling and emailing the Senators and mobilizing others to do so, etc.

As you can probably guess, numerous groups around the state are furiously working to urge our Senators to finally implement serious climate solutions. The WV Climate Alliance is a coalition of twenty environmental, civic, civil rights and faith organizations. We’re especially trying to identify and reach out to people who have some influence and encourage them to contact our Senators or go public with their appeal. These next few weeks are critical. Everyone is now important in addressing this crisis.

I’d be happy to discuss this further or answer questions that anyone may have about the reconciliation budget, the WV Climate Alliance, etc. I hope you’ll consider posting this appeal or an article in FrackCheckWV.net. We are very pleased that so many people and organizations are becoming aware, as all are needed in this effort.

You can read more about the reconciliation package here:
“WV needs the Biden energy agenda”

Thanks so much for this help and cooperation. Really appreciate it.

Sandra Fallon, Morgantown
On behalf of WV Climate Alliance


Contact: Senator Joe Manchin, 230 Adams Street, Fairmont, WV 26554 (304-368-0567)

Contact: Senator Shelley Capito, Suite 504, 48 Donley Street, Morgantown, WV 26501 (304-292-2310)

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