FOLLOW-UP & RECORDING — Climate, Jobs, and Justice Forum for WV

by admin on August 26, 2021

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Climate, Jobs, and Justice Public Forum – Follow-up and Recording

From the West Virginia Rivers Website on the Climate, Jobs, and Justice Public Forum.

You may have missed last evening with the West Virginia Climate Alliance and expert speakers to learn about the climate crisis, policy solutions, and how it affects West Virginia. You can now view a recording of this Climate, Jobs, and Justice Public Forum. If you have couple minutes, we’d really also appreciate it if you could complete a short 6 question survey to help us plan future events.

One of the key moments during the public forum happened when Collin O’Mara, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation shared that what Congress decides in the next month regarding infrastructure spending will set the course for climate policy over the next decade.

Senator Manchin is one of the most important decision-makers in Congress. That’s why it’s essential that you contact Senator Manchin and urge him to do all he can to act on climate policy. If you took action during the webinar – thank you – consider sharing the action alert on your social networks. If you haven’t taken action yet, please send a message today.

A lot of resources and opportunities to get involved were shared during the webinar. We’ve compiled a few below:

>>> West Virginia Climate Alliance – head over to the Get Involved page to connect with member organizations.
>>> Download a copy of the A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change, written by West Virginians for West Virginians.
>>> Union of Concerned Scientists’ Report on Coal Workers and Communities – by speaker Jeremy Richardson
>>> Ohio River Valley Institute’s article “What’s the alternative?”: Answering the hardest question asked by workers and communities that feel threatened by energy transition – by speaker Sean O’Leary

We have one month to influence the trajectory of climate policy, here’s what you can do today to make a difference:

Send a message to Senator Manchin. Share the action with your networks. Connect with partners on the WV Climate Alliance’s Get Involved page.

And, finally, we’ll leave you with this article in the Washington Post on how small every day actions can have a real impact on the climate.


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