Urgent Issues Involving the Mountain Valley Pipeline & Stream Crossing Impacts — Reply by May 28th

by Duane Nichols on May 26, 2021

Stream crossings can mean stream contamination

Comment on Mountain Valley Pipeline Stream Crossing Request

From an Action Alert, Mountain Valley Pipeline, May 20, 2021

The Mountain Valley Pipeline is back at it, attempting to construct their pipeline through headwater streams, under rivers and across wetlands. Right now, the Army Corps of Engineers is reviewing a request to allow them to proceed with waterbody crossings. Read our full comments to the Army Corps of Engineers on the request.

If you’ve been following this story for the past 6 years, (read our recent blog on the current state of the MVP) you’ll remember that MVP’s stream crossing permit was vacated by the courts because they could not meet the conditions of the general permit, the Nationwide 12, which covers activities related to pipeline construction.

Now, MVP is applying for a more site-specific, individual permit in an attempt to complete construction through the 600 waterbodies that have yet to be crossed, which includes some of the biggest rivers, steepest terrain and most sensitive habitats.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline is four years behind schedule, $3 billion over budget and has already incurred over 300 water violations and $2.7 million in fines between the two Virginias. It’s time to kick this ill-conceived project to the curb once and for all.

Tell the Army Corps of Engineers that this project is not in the public interest and they must deny MVP’s request.

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Sarah Hazelgrove May 27, 2021 at 1:26 am

Date: May 26, 2021
Subject: Mini Documentary — MVP 300 and The Law

In introducing this mini documentary, Sarah Hazlegrove made the following statement:

“After a year and a half of filming and editing and trying to navigate the release of the 5 mini documentaries amid the pandemic, today’s congressional briefing and webinar with the Property Rights and Pipeline Center, https://pipelinecenter.org was an amazing reunion of landowners and their stories. — MVP300. Landowners vs. The Law.” Sarah Hazelgrove.



Maury Johnson May 27, 2021 at 1:32 am

From: ‘Maury Johnson’ via Stop The Pipelines WVVANC
Date: May 26, 2021
Subject: Mini Documentary — MVP 300 and The Law
Reply-To: Maury Johnson

In introducing this mini documentary, Bert Bondurant made the following statement:

“This story, this series reveals only a fraction of the suffering and devastation that quick take eminent domain has on the lives of landowners. These landowners’ stories should inspire us to immediate action—the reality of these stories should catapult elected and agency public servants to stop MVP. While MVP lacks permits to cross streams, company earth movers are upon our mountains across Franklin, Roanoke, and Giles Counties and into West Virginia. — In protecting private property and landowners against an out of state natural gas company-LLC, we are standing for the fabric and the life force of our country.” Bert Bondurant, Community Advocate, Bent Mountain, VA.



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