West Virginia Utilities Need “Power Purchase Agreements”

by admin on February 19, 2019

WV is ready for PPAs ..... now!

West Virginia Environmental Council — Action Alert …

Appeal from WVEC, Charleston, WV, February 18, 2019

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) will expand access to affordable energy for West Virginia communities, businesses, tax-exempt entities, and low-income families.

Our lawmakers have a no-cost way to empower more West Virginians to benefit from affordable distributed energy. Current law forbids us from entering into Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to buy energy from renewable or alternative energy resources.

Legalizing these agreements will help West Virginia communities, families, businesses, and nonprofits:

>> Install on-site energy generation facilities with little to no upfront cost
>> Lower electric bills from day one
>> Lock in affordable long-term electricity rates
>> Avoid utility rate increases
>> Stabilize monthly budget expenditures

In addition, PPAs will expand economic development, create good local jobs, and attract employers to locate and invest in West Virginia. Urge your legislators to support legalizing PPAs.

>>> Act Now: Urge Senate President Mitch Carmichael to support the PPA bill

Please call Senate President Mitch Carmichael at (304) 357-7801 and urge him to support the pro-jobs and pro-business Senate Bill 409 that legalizes Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for on-site renewable and alternative energy generation facilities in West Virginia. The bill is in the Energy, Industry and Mining committee. This widely used financing mechanism helps businesses, local governments, families, and tax-exempt institutions like schools and churches take control of their energy costs. PPAs will expand economic development, create good local jobs, and attract employers to locate and invest throughout West Virginia – all without raising rates or hiking taxes.

Can’t make a call? You can submit the form on this page to contact Carmichael! Better yet, add a personal message to let him know how PPAs will benefit your family, business, or local community.

>>> West Virginia Environmental Council
P.O. Box 1007, Charleston, WV 25324

info@wvecouncil.org (304) 414-0143


AEP Signs Agreement To Purchase Wind Assets From Sempra, Columbus, Ohio, February 12, 2019

American Electric Power (Columbus, OH) signs agreement to acquire Sempra Renewables business. Acquisition advances part of planned $2.2 billion investment by 2023 in contracted renewables.
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Holly Cloonan February 19, 2019 at 11:30 am

LETTER: Urge WV Legislature to support measures on environment | Letter to the Editor | wvgazettemail.com

Editor: Charleston Gazette, January 24, 2019

Thank you, to the Gazette-Mail, for it’s detailed, articulate coverage of our state’s journey to the strengthening of water-quality standards. Thanks, also, to the DEP, for standing by its recommendation that we follow federal EPA guidelines to increase monitoring of chemicals in our waters.

Finally, thank you, to members of the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee, for their unanimous vote to update standards using the 2015 science. This bipartisan support for improving the human health criteria used to judge water quality is a pivotal decision for the public health of West Virginians.

There is a popular, damaging and false dichotomy that we can either have a strong economy or a protected environment (and better health). Current research on renewable sources of energy shows that the opposite is the reality. In fact, the renewable energy sector is a key source for rapid growth in jobs that pay well, as surrounding states will attest.

Twenty-six states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Maryland, have passed legislation to make power purchase agreements legal, thus enabling third-party financing/development of distributed energy systems using solar panels or landfill bio-gas, for example. In fact, we will have the opportunity to support PPAs here, when bipartisan legislation is introduced in the Legislature very soon.

Please urge your representatives to support another legislative move toward improvement of our health, environment and our West Virginia economy.

>>> Holly Cloonan, Charleston, WV



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