To Help Stop the Cove Point Terminal, Call-In May 4th

by Duane Nichols on May 2, 2017

Cove Point Protest Rally

Don’t Let Cove Point Slip into the Dark Side!

Letter to Maryland Residents and Friends in the Region

On May 4th, we’re asking as many people as possible to join in resistance to the Cove Point  Terminal and call Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s office to insist that he order a public and thorough safety study for the fracked gas export terminal Dominion is building in the community of Cove Point, Maryland — and we want him to order a halt in construction while the safety study is performed!

In 2006, a detailed safety study called a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) was conducted on the then-import terminal at Cove Point. A QRA is a study that looks at what could go wrong with a facility in the event of an accident, and determines the proper emergency responses.

Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources commissioned the 2006 QRA at the behest of the nuclear plant that is three miles from Cove Point. Using pro-industry data and a pro-industry company to conduct the actual study, alarming results still came to light — including that everybody living within 0.8 miles of the mostly dormant import terminal (around 1,000 people) faced the constant risk of being consumed in a flash fire at any point. What are the risks after a $3.8 billion, three-year-long construction project that adds a full-scale power plant, a liquefaction train, some 410,000 gallons of propane stored on site, and many other dangerous factors? We don’t know.

Dominion has been allowed to get away with minimal safety testing that doesn’t look at the actual scope of the threats placed on the tens of thousands of people living around this terminal — and even that hasn’t been released publicly. Instead, information on potential peril facing this community is hidden behind non-disclosure agreements and back-room deals. Politicians who are too eager to take Dominion’s money at all costs have abandoned their constituents. It’s high time that the one person who can order a QRA safety study by simply commanding it, Governor Hogan, do so — and halt construction while the study is conducted to give it the time it needs.

Other Dominion facilities have seen fatal explosions, other fuel facilities in southern Maryland have seen fatal explosions, and this exact facility had a fatal explosion in 1979! The lives and well-being of tens of thousands of people are worth more than the money Dominion is adding to the local coffers! We need Governor Hogan to order this safety study immediately!

Call Governor Hogan’s office at: (410) 974-3901

If you haven’t yet, please sign our online petition at More information about the need for a safety study is there, as well.

Thank you for helping to protect our community — and, by extension, all of the other communities affected by gas infrastructure that would help bring gas to Cove Point to be exported!

May the 4th be with you!

Thank you,  ”Dont Frack Maryland” and “We Are Cove Point”

See website: “Don’t Frack Maryland”

See also this one: “We Are Cove Point”

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Jim Guy May 4, 2017 at 10:36 am

The folks at Cove Pt. helped us with our fracking ban in Maryland.

They need our support to halt more senseless industrial folly. You may recall O&G was telling us that fracking would make us energy independent and the entire time they were doing everything they could to make certain they could sell Natural Gas overseas.

You are probably tired of hearing about the insanity that plagues and has plagued our country for decades. Don’t give up. We need to keep letting our legislators know what we want. Demand it. If they don’t respond properly let’s get someone in office who will.

Part of the reason Governor Hogan supported the fracking ban was because he counted the numbers and realized he might not get reelected if he didn’t support the ban. Let’s give him a good reason to think about considering making another responsible decision.

Try to find a few minutes to help folks at Cove Pt. Show them that what goes around comes around. Best ever!

Jim Guy


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