Virtual Tour of Climate Change Activity in the Arctic Region

by Duane Nichols on October 11, 2015

Arctic Ice Melting at Alarming Rate

Go on a 360º Virtual Arctic Tour to See First-Hand Effects of Climate Change

From an Article by Cole Mellino,, October 7, 2015

The Sierra Club, Environmental Media Association and RYOT launched today the first-ever virtual reality climate change public service announcement, which offers 360 degree panoramic shots that catapults viewers into the heart of the Arctic to explore frontline communities and melting glaciers.

The video, which is being released just two months shy of the UN climate talks in Paris, aims to encourage world leaders to take meaningful action on climate.

“The climate negotiations present a unique opportunity to take on the climate crisis and take action for a strong and just clean energy economy,” said Michael Brune, Sierra Club’s executive director.

“Climate change affects all life on this planet,” said Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto, who narrates the PSA. “It is literally altering the face of the Earth and displacing communities. I hope world leaders recognize that people around the globe want and need them to step up and work together starting at the UN Climate Summit and beyond, to fight the climate crisis. Humanity depends on it.”

“To us, this is by far the most exciting use case for virtual reality technology,” said Molly Swenson, COO of RYOT and an executive producer of the film. “When you’re standing in the middle of a glacial ice cave, watching and hearing it melt rapidly from the inside out, you not only understand that climate change is real, but you feel compelled to do everything you can to halt and reverse it. VR is the best tool we’ve found for turning passive viewers into active participants.”


People’s Climate Movement — National Day of Action

What: People’s Climate Movement National Day of Action. In more than 100 cities, climate protectors like you will gather at rallies, petition deliveries, and more to call for action to end climate disruption.

Where: A city near you — there are more than 100 events in nearly every state plus D.C.

When: October 14, 2015

RSVP: Sign up today to let us know you’re coming so you don’t miss important updates!
One year after the People’s Climate March, we have built a stronger, more diverse movement that’s showing world leaders that climate is everyone’s issue. Now, the Pope is one of our biggest allies, the U.S. reached a climate agreement with China, and the Clean Power Plan is set to reduce carbon emissions across the country. When we stand together, we can change the world.

You’ve proven that people are more powerful than polluters. But to change everything, we need everyone — and that means you. Will you join us on October 14?

>>> For jobs, justice, and clean energy, Maura Cowley, Sierra Club

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