Katharine Hayhoe: Evangelical Scientist on Climate Change

by Duane Nichols on December 21, 2014

Prof. Hayhoe, Texas Tech

Meet the Evangelical Scientist Who Believes in Climate Change

By Terrence Henry, NPR State Impact TEXAS, April 26, 2014

Texas Tech University — Texas Tech climatologist Katharine Hayhoe was recently selected as one of Time Magazine’s ’100 Most Influential People.’

Yes, you can believe in both God and climate change. Just ask Katharine Hayhoe, Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech, who is well known for her work on the impacts of climate change. She’s also an evangelical Christian, and has become a vocal proponent for doing more to bridge the divide between faith and science.

Hayhoe was recently selected as one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People.’

After receiving the honor, she spoke with KUT’s David Brown, host of the forthcoming daily news show, Texas Standard. Hayhoe learned of her selection via email. “I actually thought the email was spam at first,” Hayhoe tells Brown.

Take a listen to Hayhoe explain how she thinks accepting and acting on the science of climate change is a responsibility for Christians:  SoundCloud Recording



>>> Professor Hayhoe was a lead author on the recent “Third National Climate Assessment: We’re feeling effects of climate change.”  The report is available online in its entirety at: http://nca2014.globalchange.gov/

>>> See also this Evangelical “Call to Action”:


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