Considering the Evidence: Can the EPA Properly Study and Police Drilling for Gas?

by Nicole Good on March 4, 2011

In the third article in a series about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, Ian Urbana of the New York Times tracks 25 years of government officials and industry influence has not only limited the scope of EPA research, but kept results of those studies secret.

“It was like the science didn’t matter,”said Carla Greathouse, author of a 1987 study that concluded some gas drilling waste was hazardous and should be tightly controlled. “The industry was going to get what it wanted, and we were not supposed to stand in the way.” Greathouse’s experience was not an isolated incidence.

Now, the EPA is about to undertake a broad new study to examine the potential risks of natural gas drilling and preliminary results are scheduled to be released next year.  As pressure to find alternatives to foreign oil rises along with gas prices, will history repeat itself? Read the full article here…

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