The Time Has Come to Plan on Living With COVID-19 for Foreseeable Future

by Duane Nichols on October 11, 2021

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Pandemic Not Going Away Anytime Soon, says Expert

From an Article by Michael M. Barrick, Appalachian Chronicle, October 10, 2021

HOUSTON – Dr. Paul Klotman, President, CEO & Dean of the Baylor College of Medicine conceded in his latest weekly COVID-19 update that he has given up hope that the nation will develop plans to eliminate the COVID-19 pandemic in the foreseeable future and reluctantly concluded that it is time to develop a plan for living with the pandemic. He indicated he would hope to have such a plan completed by next week’s message.

He said also, “We are seeing 108,000 cases per day, and almost 2,000 deaths daily. So far in this pandemic, we have recorded more than 700,000 deaths in the U.S. That represents more deaths than caused by AIDS, the 1918 flu outbreak, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War and the Korean War. In fact, the lives lost in those four wars combined is a lower number than deaths from COVID in the U.S. That is a sobering statistic.”

The remarks were made in his 81st weekly email he sends to those associated with or interested in the work of Baylor College of Medicine. He also shares the message with the public in a weekly YouTube video.

In this week’s video, Dr. Klotman begins, “COVID-19 numbers are improving in some areas and not in others. The bottom line is we are going to be living with this virus for some time.”

He continues, “In this week’s video, I review the specifics of what has happened in the United Kingdom and Italy. As you recall, both have had struggles with the levels of COVID in their countries and approached the pandemic with different strategies. I present the data that shows how the UK got it wrong and how Italy got it right. Around the same time the UK was celebrating Freedom (from COVID) Day this summer, Italy was requiring vaccine passports. In Italy, the daily average of cases on October 2nd was 3,122; and in the UK, that number was 34,254.”

This week’s video also includes the following: A discussion of vaccinations, including how they reduce infections, hospitalizations and deaths; the reasoning behind booster vaccines; and, the development of antivirals in pill/capsule form to treat those in the early stages of COVID-19.


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