Fractionator(s) to Recover Higher Hydrocarbons Creates Traffic Problems in Ohio & WV

by Duane Nichols on August 4, 2018

Fractionator for MarkWest Processing Facility at Hopedale

Superloads Moving From Weirton & Steubenville Resume On Saturday (8/4/18)

From Staff Reports, Wheeling Intelligencer, August 1, 2018

The superload that blocked eastbound U.S. 22 access to the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Steubenville last Sunday afternoon will remain parked on the University Boulevard exit ramp through the week.

The superload that was to be moved Sunday but has been parked on a highway access ramp since then has been rescheduled for transport Saturday, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The load will leave Steubenville at approximately 5 a.m. Saturday and travel the route it was supposed to use Sunday. Once the superload moves, the U.S. 22 eastbound exit ramp to University Boulevard will reopen, ODOT reported. The ramp was closed because the superload is parked on the ramp.

The second of three superloads will leave Weirton and cross the Veterans Memorial Bridge into Jefferson County the following day. The load is expected to leave Weirton around 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

The move will affect Ohio 7 between Pottery Addition and Steubenville. The superload will continue west on U.S. 22 to Lovers Lane and then to Sunset Boulevard into Wintersville on Main Street.

ODOT reported the superload will travel to County Road 22A, back to U.S. 22 westbound to Ohio 151 in Hopedale and end at the MarkWest fractionator facility on Giacobi Road.

The U.S. 22 closure will be handled as a rolling roadblock from Ohio 43 to Lovers Lane. Four Ohio State Highway Patrol escorts, ODOT, local law enforcement and utility trucks will accompany the superload.

Motorists should expect delays and various intermittent ramp and lane closures as the superload progresses west. The move is expected to last several hours, ODOT reported.

The superload is 16-feet wide, 17-feet, 4-inches tall, 310-feet long and has a gross weight of 476,000 pounds. Because of the size and travel speed of the superload, officials from ODOT are working closely with the logistics team from Capital City Crane to plan for the successful transport.

ODOT reported the transport team is paying special attention to public safety when crossing bridges and making turns on the superload route. The transport team also is planning the move to avoid peak travel times to minimize the interference with traffic, according to ODOT.

ODOT is asking motorists to plan ahead and consider alternate routes to avoid congestion and delays.


GIANT FRACTIONATOR — One Superload Through Town, More on the Way

From WTOV News 9, Steubenville. OH, August 4, 2018

JEFFERSON COUNTY, OH—- There was a huge problem in Jefferson County today as officials worked to remove the 310 ft. “superload” that found itself stuck under a stoplight along Sunset Blvd. and Lovers Lane.

The superload had already been stuck alongside U.S. 22 in Jefferson County since last Sunday, but starting before seven Saturday morning, it began to make its way to MarkWest Fractionation Site in Harrison County, near Hopedale. But it did not make it very far, becoming quite the spectacle for some residents and for others, a pain due to the rerouting of traffic.

The massive piece of machinery blocked the entire road and officials said they had to rip out pieces of the guardrail and even tried lifting a stop light. As of Saturday afternoon, there was not much success getting the 310 ft long, 16ft wide, and 17ft high piece of machinery to budge.

Eventually they did get the machinery to budge and it has reached its destination.

Another superload is set to make the same journey to Hopedale beginning at five AM Sunday morning. This one is 100 feet shorter.

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