Let’s Reform FERC Now, With Your Help

by Duane Nichols on May 25, 2018

Reform of FERC procedures is urgent

FERC’s Pipeline Review Process Needs Reform!

Message from the Delaware Riverkeeper —

On April 25, 2018, The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) opened a 60-day public comment period regarding how the agency carries out its own review and approval of natural gas pipeline infrastructure. But, due to an outpouring of concern and public pressure, FERC has agreed to extend the public comment period an additional 30 days, ending on July 25th.

This is a critical opportunity to demonstrate to FERC, the press, elected officials and the world, the massive outpouring of concern with FERC’s biased review process and the critical need for reform. FERC essentially operates as a rubber stamp on the pipeline infrastructure projects that come before it for review, with approval for the project being a foregone conclusion by the time it reaches the FERC Commissioners for their vote.

Adding to this offense, FERC also contracts biased consultants in its review process, disenfranchises impacted property owners and communities from challenging projects, undermines state and local authorities, fails to consider climate changing impacts of each project, and ultimately uses every opportunity to advance the goals of pipeline companies over the health, safety and needs of the people and environment.

It essential that we seize this moment to make clear to FERC that as a federal agency it has a duty to respect the law and respect the people of the United States of America.

## — TWO ways you can take action:

>>> Sign the Petition — Sign onto a letter we will be presenting to FERC by the July 25th deadline.

>>> AND Send Comments — Use our talking points to craft a unique message which you can submit to FERC through our web-portal. There is no limit to the number of comments you can submit.

## — Contact:
Delaware Riverkeeper
Address: 925 Canal St,
Bristol, PA 19007
Phone: (215)369-1188
Fax: (215)369-1181
Email: drn@delawareriverkeeper.org

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