WV is Ground Zero for Natural Gas Pipeline Disturbances

by Duane Nichols on September 11, 2017

MVP and ACP will cause extensive land & stream disturbances

Double Crossed Event: Mountain Valley Pipeline involves many stream crossings

From the Greenbrier River Watershed Association, September 10, 2017

Greenbrier River Watershed Association and others appeal MVP permit to WV authorities.

On August 18, 2017, Greenbrier River Watershed Association, Indian Creek Watershed Association, Orus Ashby Berkley, Ty and Susan Bouldin challenged a WVDEP ruling granting a Natural Stream Preservation permit to cross the Greenbrier River at Pence Springs, West Virginia.

The Notice of Appeal, filed with the West Virginia Environmental Quality Board, claims the parties are adversely affected by the issuance of Natural Stream Preservation Permit (NSP-17-0001) for the Greenbrier River crossing of Mountain Valley Pipeline in Summers County, West Virginia without adequate protections for the state designated Natural Stream and the impact on the Big Bend Public Service District in Talcott, WV.

The appeal asserts that, “Without effective limits on sedimentation and the resulting turbidity, the permit as issued is not protective of water quality standards and violates the West Virginia Pollution Control Act as well as the federal Clean Water Act.”

The appellants request that the Board review the permit as issued and grant relief to include: “The issuance of an order vacating Permit NSP-17-0001 with the direction to modify the permit to protect against the degradation of the water resources provided by the Big Bend Public Service District.”

Counsel for the appellants are Anna Ziegler and Elise Keaton, Ziegler & Ziegler, LC in Hinton, WV; and Kevin Thompson and David Barney, Thompson Barney Law Firm in Charleston, WV.

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