LA Airport Police Arrest ‘Frack Master’ from Dallas, TX

by Duane Nichols on February 24, 2017

'Frack Master' Chris Faulkner

Dallas ‘Frack Master’ arrested by Los Angeles Airport police

From an Article by Jeff Mosier, Dallas News, February 23, 2017

Dallas oil executive Christopher Faulkner, the self-titled “frack master” who federal authorities said ran an $80 million scam, was arrested Sunday in the Los Angeles area. Faulkner, 40, was taken into custody at 5:30 p.m. by Los Angeles Airport Police. No bail was listed.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department website said Faulkner was charged with a felony but no details were given. A sheriff’s spokeswoman referred questions to airport police.

News of the arrest was first reported on the TXsharon’s Bluedaze website run by Sharon Wilson, who was the first to publicly question Faulkner’s background and qualifications. The environmentalist and activist website is critical of gas drilling and has focused particularly on exploration locally in the Barnett Shale.

Faulkner’s lawyer, Larry Friedman of Friedman & Feiger, was not immediately available for comment Thursday morning. Friedman has previously said Faulkner did nothing wrong.

Frack Master Chris Faulkner Arrested on Felony Charges – Texas Sharon’s Bluedaze – via @Shareaholic#fracking

— TXsharon (@TXsharon) February 21, 2017

The federal Securities and Exchange Commission is suing Faulkner, the founder, president and CEO of Dallas-based Breitling Energy Corporation, along with seven other employees or associates. Breitling and three other related companies were also named in the complaint filed last summer.

Faulkner promoted himself, his “Frack Master” name and his company during dozens of cable TV appearances and at conferences from the United Arab Emirates to London. He was presented as a gas drilling expert and staunch defender of the industry against critics of hydraulic fracturing or fracking.

He had become such a go-to source that he was quoted as an expert in more than a month after the SEC filed its complaint.

The federal civil complaint said Faulkner has little background in oil and gas and lied about his college degrees. The complaint also alleges that Faulkner and his employees inflated gas drilling costs and lied about likely production numbers.

The SEC also accused Faulkner of misappropriating at least $30 million in investor money to “maintain a lifestyle of decadence and debauchery.” One court document said Faulkner used a corporate American Express card — which he referred to as his “whore card” — to charge more than $1 million for strip clubs, escorts, nightclubs and personal travel.

Jeremy Wagers, Breitling’s chief operating officer and general counsel, used his business card to charge $40,000 at a Dallas strip club during a four-day period in July 2014, according to court filings.

The SEC has accused the Breitling crew of more than a dozen violations of federal securities laws and rules.

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Rick Humphreys February 25, 2017 at 12:50 pm

Message from Marion County, WV:

Quiz time. In a Free Republic, is it ever OK for Government to legislate Corporate taking of citizen’s property? Answer – NO!

Yet here we go again. The Forced Pooling Bill that I and so many others have objected to, and educated fellow citizens about even before the despicable “Tomblin Bill” in 2011, has been resurrected by knuckleheaded politicians who, I guess, are big Hollywood walking dead zombie fans.

Any elected politician who agreed to revive the Forced Pooling Bill should be thrown out of office. And I don’t mean recalled from office; that conjures up an image of a “public firing” and that is too polite. I mean thrown out of office! The image of a 1774 tar and feather image comes to mind.

We the People have to stop electing (hiring) these greed driven ignorant selfish corrupt numbskulls… holy crap where’s the Tylenol?

And for those folks who want to stay neutral on this issue, you can’t. No, I mean you really can’t. You may think it doesn’t or won’t affect you, but it does, and it will. Anytime you remain silent and allow Government to take rights, that they ought not be allowed to take, you will feel the effect; some immediately, others in time, but that chicken will come home to roost in everyone’s back yard. To remain neutral is to give consent and the Government knows that.

So for your sake, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, and if you don’t have children, for the sake of future generations, take a stand, make yourself heard, send your individual message to Charleston, either by phone, letter, editorial or social media and ensure they get the message.

“We’re not gonna take it. No, we aint gonna take it. We’re not gonna take it anymore!”

Link to Clarksburg Exponent Telegram article found on Face Book:


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