Fracking Sand Mining is Very Destructive of the Land

by Duane Nichols on January 1, 2017

Minnesota Frac Sand Protest

Minnesota & Wisconsin Are Being Damaged By Surface Mines for Fracking Sand

Dear Friends:

Kudos to Johanna Rupprecht and Happy New Year to all her supporters in Winona County, MN and beyond!!!

We in Wisconsin appreciate the model you have set for the Midwestern States!

May there be more thoughtful hardworking people come to the forefront to work on this issue in the coming years! 2017 must be a time for combined efforts on the part of many community organizations joining forces for the benefit and good of the whole!

When Johanna Rupprecht visited Chippewa Co., Wisconsin a few years ago to view and learn more about the developing frac sand facilities and to take photos of the devastating impact of this industry on the land, the air and the water, I was impressed with her determination and grit and the ability to take on a serious issue.

Many residents in Chippewa County were concerned about the unknowns of this industry but few city, town, county and state officials were prepared or even concerned about setting too many restrictions or even studying the possibilities of limitations. Citizens spoke but were not heard! The industry in Wisconsin continues to expand.

Johanna’s efforts are being recognized in her home county as a leader in the Land Stewardship Project located throughout Minnesota. She sought out appropriate legal assistance that recognized that mining, processing, trans-load and transport of frac sand could be banned legally and using her skills and abilities as well as people skills worked many long hours with many people in Winona County to make it happen. 

Read all about it!

Sincerely yours, Pat Popple, Save The Hills Alliance, Inc., S6650 County Road G, Augusta, WI 54722  [] 

See also:  WWW.CCC-WIS.COM  for additional information


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