Two New Fracking Videos of WV by Cineplex Rex

by Duane Nichols on July 21, 2014

Two New Fracking Videos by Cineplex Rex, July 18, 2014

Who doesn’t remember the John Denver song with lyrics about “Take Me Home Country Roads”, and “Almost Heaven — West Virginia”? Many people have had wonderful life experiences in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. Unfortunately now it is more like ‘Oh My God!’  What are they doing to this State?

After 29 flights recording this growing ugliness you would think one would somehow be calloused to it all, but the areas in these two GoPro videos still give that jaw-dropping OMG!  Be sure to select the 1080HD resolution for the ‘best’ picture.

The first installment, 5-minutes over Majorsville recorded in October 2013 has received 4,000 views revealing its popularity, so what about a sequel?  Here it is. When flying a loop around this eyesore on the WV-PA border, it is hard to know where the perimeter ends, which is why this new video is 10-minutes long.

The area west of Clarksburg in Harrison and Doddridge counties seems to have a compressor station for every few well pads, and some of those compressor stations are the huge 10 to 12 compressor station models … with many more under construction. Pipeline cuts galore, and more coming!

If it has not already happened, these videos show what the oil and gas industry may do to your neighborhood next. They are only a pipeline away.

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