Marcellus Gas Wells Toxic to Local Residents in WV

by Duane Nichols on April 14, 2014

New Vapor Recovery Equipment?

RE: Lisby Well Pad, Marcellus Gas Operation, Tyler County, WV

Update from Bill Hughes, Wetzel County, April 13, 2014

Last evening at least five adults smelled the continuing presence of gas fumes while near the Jay-Bee Lisby well pad on the road, or on or near their driveway. Some of these people are familiar with the smell but at a loss to explain why this operator cannot get the problem permanently solved.

Shouldn’t this operation be given a “CEASE and DESIST” until a written guarantee is given to the neighborhood residents that there will be no more noxious gas fumes. Two weeks of trial and error experimentation is enough. Let’s consider shutting the wells in till the system is able to operate in an acceptable manner. These fumes have driven the residents out of their homes and out of their neighborhood.

We all would admit that the gas fumes are less than they were the first 3-4 nights after this uncalled for and avoidable health hazard started, two weeks ago. But they could definitely be smelled regularly tonight after 8-9 PM. The fumes seem to come in batches or pockets of bad air.

It is as though a pressure sensor on a relief valve reaches it’s set point, then opens some type of dump valve to the atmosphere, and then recloses after the pressure has been reduced by the release of the gas. Unfortunately for these neighbors it is being regularly put into the atmosphere—that is THE AIR THEY BREATH.


The EQT Big 57 Pad at Mobley, Wetzel County, WV is another location where help is needed for Larry and Elva Barr. They are concerned about their grandchildren playing outside during the air pollution episodes from diesel exhausts and silica dust.

How can the State of West Virginia allow and tolerate the exposure of our residents, who just happen to have the misfortune thru no fault of their own, of being forced to have a gas well operation adjoining their backyard, side yard or pasture field?

In WV the surface land owner often does not own the mineral rights underground, so the leases on the minerals are the justification for the surface abuse, the polluted water and toxic chemicals released into the air.

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Walter April 15, 2014 at 7:19 am

An article in the April 7th issue of New Yorker explains why the State of WV does nothing. Though it is about the spill in Charleston, what it says applies to the lack of oversight of the NG drilling activity.


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