Tyler County Residents Dislocated by Lisby Pad Emissions

by Duane Nichols on April 1, 2014

Continuing Emissions from Marcellus Operations

Concerns for Public Health in the Face of Odors, Off-Gases and Headaches

NOTE:  The email letter below is addressed to Tom Cooper, Director, Tyler County Office of Emergency Management.  It is written by Bill Hughes, a retired electrical contractor who lives on WV Route 7 north of the area in question.  The “valley” in question is Big Run of Indian Creek of Middle Island Creek (WV Route 18) near the center of Tyler County WV.  The Lisby pad has been covered previously in FrackCheckWV, e.g. yesterday and in early January after the storage tank explosion and again after the liquid spill onto the drilling pad.


To: Tom Cooper, Office of Emergency Management

Yesterday afternoon the fumes in the valley seemed to be less noticeable than the past few days on the Jay-Bee Lisby well pad. However fumes are still visible and steady out of the tops of the vent pipes. The vapors in the picture are difficult to see against the mottled background, but the distortion above the pipes is clear.

There were always fumes escaping, and bursts of additional flow or pressure that would make it more visible. There did not seem to be any temperature inversion so the air did not seem to be sinking, thus less general dispersion of fumes on the ground level. I could notice them always on the public road across from the tank area.

When is someone going to GUARANTEE to the Jackson family that is it SAFE for them to return to their home to sleep over night.

Do they need to go to court to get an injunction of some type ? What will it take to keep the gas fumes on the well pad ? What do you suggest ? Who is the responsible agency ?


These people need help. They should not be forced to live away from their homes because of gas activity. This is SIX days now. The state is allowing this activity to occur and to continue. Does our state bear any responsibility for these citizens who, thru no fault of their own are put in harm’s way by the actions of nearby industrial, unregulated activity?

Are their lives and health to be sacrificed so that some gas company can profit from more natural gas. Who permitted this well to be put here to start with ? Who has been responsible for inspecting and enforcement here, if anyone ?

Would someone please look into these issues?

From: Bill Hughes, WV Route 7, Wetzel County, WV

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Dean Gorby April 2, 2014 at 2:53 pm

The Jackson family, though I do not know them at all, are an example of what the industry and government of this “great nation” think about “the people”….we don’t amount to a pile of horse shit to the bastards and bitches. Welcome to the real world people.


WV Issues Violation Notice (4/2/14) April 2, 2014 at 9:48 pm

WV-DEP issues air quality “Notice of Violation” to Jay-Bee Oil and Gas on April 2, 2013

The WV DEP Division of Air Quality has issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) to Jay-Bee Oil & Gas Inc. for operating storage tanks on its Lisby Well Pad without the proper permits.

The natural gas drilling site is located in the Big Run area of Tyler County and the Lisby Pad includes four Marcellus wells that are in the initial production phase. Because six storage tanks at the site are used to collect natural gas liquids and can produce vapors, air quality permits are required.

The NOV, issued late Tuesday, requires Jay-Bee to provide dates when the tanks were installed and when each was put into operation; the amount of natural gas liquids produced at the site from commencement of operations until present; the potential emissions from all other sites not permitted by the DAQ; and a detailed explanation of the remedial measures taken to address the causes of non-compliance.


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