Purge Gas Streaming at Lisby Pad Creates Public Hazard

by Duane Nichols on March 31, 2014

Response to Marcellus Well Off-Gases

Purge Gas Streaming at Lisby Pad Creates Public Hazard

YouTube Post on Mar 30, 2014:

On March 27 2014 an extremely strong chemical smell was reported coming from the Lisby well pad operated by Jay-Bee oil and gas on Big Run Road in Tyler County, WV.

Emergency fire personnel were called, they were threatened with arrest by Jay Bee employees if they tried to do their job. Several people got sick from the exposure. This is the same pad that was ordered to cease and desist operations from the January 3rd explosion. A few weeks later there was a spill on the pad. (Jay-Bee has had over 20 environmental violations and 38 OSHA violations and is still allowed to do business in the state, according to the post.)

The audio/video here captures some of the communications among emergency personnel dispatched to the site. See and hear this communication exchange on YouTube:


Marcellus gas well purge gives off fumes in Tyler County, WV

News from WTOV, Channel 9, March 28 2014

TYLER COUNTY, WV — Crews are purging a new well at the Lisby Pad along Indian Creek Road about 8 miles south of Middlebourne. EMA Director Tom Cooper said that work is giving off fumes. Thursday night into Friday morning, people within a couple of hundred yards of the site were evacuated from their homes. Officials said it was precautionary and was largely due to the smell. Those families have since returned to their homes. Cooper said the work is almost finished.

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Bob Schmetzer April 3, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Emergency management has authority over the drillers. After all. the drillers kill people and make them sick. The emergency management people save lives and clean up the toxic messes of the drillers. What is so hard to understand about that ?

Yet, we all sit back waiting for superman to come to the rescue. ITS YOU & ME that has to do something.


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