CSX TRANSFLO Opens New Frac Sand Storage Facility in Fairmont, WV

by Duane Nichols on September 7, 2013

CSX TRANSFLO Opens New Frac Sand Storage Facility in Fairmont, WV

Report By Krista Baker, WBOY, September 6, 2013

FAIRMONT, WV –  TRANSFLO and US Silica invited the public to an open house for their new Frac Sand storage facility. This facility will hold more than 10,000 Tons of frac sand.

Employees from TRANSFLO, US Silica, and the people who will be working at the facility showed up for the tour.

Frac Sand will be transported by train and delivered to the facility to then be shipped by truck.

Travis Davis is the terminal manager and will be handling the product when it arrives. “Sand comes in, and CSX brings that to us,” Davis said. “We have the loader, as you can see behind me and basically the truck pulls from the other side under the loader, sand drops from the train up the belt into the truck.”

Jon Haselwood, the president of CSX TRANSFLO said that the facility should help build up the surrounding area. “It’s part of the energy revolution we’re seeing in the United States, which will help the economy,” Haselwood said. “Also, by moving the product by rail, it’s the most environmentally sound way, and it’s the most efficient way. So, in combination we’re helping America become stronger from an economic perspective.”

The frac sand needs to be unloaded carefully. The two numbers on either side of the facility tell what grain the sand is and can be trouble if they are mixed up. Product will be shipped from Fairmont to wells around West Virginia and Pennsylvania to help extract natural gas.

“This is a prime location. It’s well situated in the markets of where the drilling is being done.” Haselwood said. “So, it will help in making the area stronger in the long run in creating jobs and investments”

Davis said that he thinks the storage facility is a great addition to Fairmont. “Its going to bring more business, possibly more jobs,” Davis said. “Its good, good for the area.”

Around 50 people came from the companies and local businesses to see the new facility. TRANSFLO is the largest rail-to-truck transloading network in the United States.

NOTE: FrackCheckWV reported on the occupational health dangers of working with silica sand on March 30th and August 3rd, see here: “Frack Sand Dust Poses Lung Disease Risks” and “Respirators Are Not Enough.”

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