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by Duane Nichols on June 22, 2013

Bold Action on Climate Change is Called For Now in America and on Earth

By Laurie David,, June 21, 2013

Seven years ago, An Inconvenient Truth kicked off a global conversation about climate change. Ever since, we can’t go a week without seeing another headline about Mother Nature’s dark side.

In 2012, 3,257 monthly records for heat, rain and snow were shattered in the US alone. More than $188 billion in damage has been caused by severe weather events in 2011 and 2012. And, scientists say its only going to get worse.

Our friends at TakePart (the digital division of Participant Media) recently sat down with former Vice President Al Gore and Jeff Skoll, one of the film’s exec producers, and asked them what they think will happen next. Check out the video.

For the anniversary of An Inconvenient Truth, TakePart is asking, “What do we know now that we didn’t know then?” to keep the spotlight on this evolving and accelerating threat.

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Bold Action on Climate Change Coming?
The New York Times reported this week that the White House will be announcing new policy initiatives on climate change in the coming weeks, including, for the first time, limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, as well as improved efforts on renewable energy development and energy efficiency.

Coal burning power plants are responsible for about a third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

As President Obama commented in a speech in Berlin Wednesday:

“This is the global threat of our time. And for the sake of future generations, our generation must move toward a global compact to confront a changing climate before it is too late. That is our job. That is our task. We have to get to work.”

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