Sierra Club: Exporting LNG Will Mean Much More Fracking in the US

by Duane Nichols on September 10, 2012

Sierra Club Campaign

By Deb Nardone, Beyond Natural Gas Campaign

Because of a trade agreement being negotiated in great secrecy, the natural gas industry could get approval to export natural gas to other countries, paving the way for more fracking.

Now is the time to speak out!

Not only could these trade talks lead to more fracking, but free trade agreements often put the interests of corporations before the health and safety of communities and workers. As U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk continues negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) — the world’s biggest free trade agreement — will you tell him you are concerned?

Tell U.S. Trade Rep. Ron Kirk that the health and safety of our communities and workers must come first in any international trade agreement.

Exporting liquefied natural gas will have far reaching impacts on communities across the nation. In addition to increased fracking, pipelines carrying liquefied natural gas would cross the country to export facilities on our coasts. This means greater potential for more air pollution, water pollution, pipeline-related spills, and destruction of coastal places.

Will you tell Ron Kirk that no trade agreement should pave the way for increased fracking?

Thank you for all you do to protect the environment,

Deb Nardone, Director, Beyond Natural Gas Campaign, Sierra Club

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