The WV Sierra Club Wants New (Stronger) Gas Drilling/Fracking Rules

by Duane Nichols on July 20, 2012

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Sierra Club: Tell the WV DEP, I want stronger new gas drilling rules.

The Department of Environmental Protection Needs To Hear From You About New Marcellus Gas Drilling Rules

Last December, the West Virginia Legislature passed a bill to regulate horizontal drilling and fracking for Marcellus gas. But the real protections are set in the “rule making” process. The rules flesh out exactly what safeguards will actually be put in place.

The DEP has released a draft of the new rule. The draft rule, 35-CSR-8, has both pluses and minuses. It is up to us to let them know what needs to be improved in the draft rule.

You can make comments on the improvements needed in the draft rule, and submit your comments with a simple click. We’ll provide the background information you need. You can use our talking points or your own concerns to easily write and send your comment.

The DEP will respond to comments received by July 31, so this is our chance to get real improvements in the proposed rule.  TAKE ACTION HERE.

This is our chance to insist on strong and effective measures to protect our land and water and homes. Please add your voice and raise your concerns.

Thank you for all that you do,

Jim Kotcon, WV Sierra Club
Chair – Marcellus Gas Campaign

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Katse August 13, 2012 at 5:05 pm

Yes, I do remember that! It is a tradegy, yes. Thanks, Texas Sharon, for all you do and for all you suffer in this fight. You have been an enormous help to us struggling in the Marcellus Shale. Peacegirl


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