New Chemical Plant to Crack Ethane into Ethylene Set for Ohio Valley in Beaver County, Pennsylvania

by Duane Nichols on March 16, 2012

Possible World-scale Petrochemical Complex

Shell Chemical announced on Thursday, March 15th, the securing of the land for a major chemical industry facility, to utilize ethane from shale gas, on the Ohio River about 25 miles downstream of Pittsburgh. This industrial site is actually in Beaver County, close to Allegheny and Washington counties, and close to the northern panhandle of West Virginia. 

More news on the Ethane Cracker has been posted on the State Impact web-site by National Public Radio.   In fact, NPR reports that 5% of the recently established “impact fee” to be collected from natural gas production in Pennsylvania will go to infrastructure improvements of benefit to the industry.  This is described here.

See also the post on this blog for February 1, 2012, which is a “Special Report on Possible Ethane Cracker Plants in WV, PA, & OH.”

Chemical industry analysts can see a potential glut of petrochemical feedstocks relative to demand growth in the years ahead. See the following presentation entitled “US Shale Gas Boom May Lead to a Petrochemical Excess” . . .

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Dwayne Davis May 23, 2012 at 10:41 am

I stumbled across an online article that has some of the important statistics of the plant for the people living in the area. It is a quick read, definitely worth it if you are looking for more information. Here is the link


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