Aither Cracker Plant Coming to…. WV, PA or OH?

by Dee Fulton on January 17, 2012

Casey Junkins of the Intelligencer says that West Virginia based Aither Chemicals plans to have a catalytic cracker plant in production by 2016.  The location will be on a river but the state where the plant will be sited has not been announced.  There is no recent press release on the Aither Chemical website.    From the Intelligencer story:

Leonard Dolhert, chief executive officer Aither, said, “Together, RMG and Aither will finance and build one of the largest manufacturing plants that has been built in the region for the past few decades. This will create many jobs and help the regional economy significantly.”

The plant is expected to employ about 2,000 construction workers and provide employment for 200 employees when in operation.  Royal Dutch Shell is expected to announce the location for it’s larger scale steam cracker plant early this year.  That multibillion dollar project is expected to employ 10,000 construction laborers.

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