Will the Select Committee Finalize Marcellus Legislation This Month?

by Nicole Good on September 1, 2011

Citizens have been keeping pressure on the Select Committee on Marcellus Shale to get proper legislation passed.  Senator Orphy Klempa says that the select committee will meet during September interims, and his goal is to have legislation “ready to go” for next year’s regular session, if not before then.  Klempa says that he and other committee members are learning as much as they can about the drilling process, and will be attending the Shale Gas Insight 2011 conference in Philadelphia next week.  The conference is sponsored by the Marcellus Shale Coalition, which promotes the “Friends of Marcellus.”

Senator Doug Facemire thinks it is possible that a bill be finalized during interims this month.  He also “wants to see this industry thrive, because our state needs the revenue, and we need the jobs. But prosperity at the expense of the environment or the citizens is not good, either.”

… Not good? How about not acceptable? Republican Senator Greg Ball of New York recently took a tour of Pennsylvania, and said it would be “over his dead body” that the damage and pain he witnessed be repeated in his state.

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