Noises from Shale Fracking TOO MUCH for Residents of WV etc.

by Diana Gooding on September 7, 2019

Fracking noises & other nuisances occurring in WV, CO, etc.

Community frustrated with overwhelming noise from fracking

From an Article by Julianna Furfari, WTOV News 9, September 4, 2019

BROOKE COUNTY, W. Va. — Neighbors are outraged with the effects they say fracking is having in Bethany, W.Va. “This is absurd. This is the United States, but no, it’s still West Virginia, so we’re the lowest of the low and our voice is never heard,” said one community member.

“When’s it going to end? When is there going to be the next pad? Are you just going to destroy all the hilltops?”

While the room packed with citizens presented many concerns and questions, one reoccurring theme was the noise that the community members call unbearable to live with.

“I kept thinking to myself, ‘Is this anything close to freeway noise I had to deal with in LA?’ And, I’m here to tell you there is no comparison. This is worse than anything I’ve experienced,” said another community member.

And the impact it is having on their physical and mental health: “The first days we were doing outside activities and I couldn’t hear them because of the drill, and I am like; when are they all going to all start going crazy?”

The community has questions over why testing indicated that sound mitigation was not necessary?

“We do have questions to our service provider. Did we miss something? Where is the gap? We’re trying to understand it,” said Bob Laine from Southwestern Energy.

Representatives from Southwestern Energy that were present at Wednesday night’s meeting told the community that tonight was a way to hear their concern. But, citizens want solutions and they want them soon.

“At least have the common courtesy of shutting the drills off or turning the drills down between the hours of 10 at night and 5 in the morning,” began one citizen.

The representatives said they will take these discussions and have a meeting Thursday, and then solutions and ideas will be communicated to the mayor, Shirley Kemp, who says she will continue following up as well.

Noise wasn’t the only concern. They also discussed health, transportation, and other stressors that the fracking is having on the community. See video for WV here and CO here.

News9 reached out to the Communication Director, Jim Schwart, who said:

We came to the meeting tonight to listen and learn. We hope that this dialogue with our neighbors will help us better develop some ideas for effective short term and long term solutions.


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