Epic Software to Promote Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems

by Duane Nichols on March 28, 2012

Houston Advanced Research Center

The Houston Advanced Research Center  has awarded a contract to the “epic software group, inc.” to create an innovative multimedia web application. This application is designed to help the public, the workforce, and government officials by showing many of the new environmentally sustainable technologies now available or being developed in the energy industry.

“epic will create an interactive application that demonstrates the conventional way we drill for oil and gas, then contrast it with videos and 3D animations of a host of new tools and techniques designed to reduce the impact of energy production on the environment,” said Dr. Richard Haut of HARC. While some of these technologies may be in the development phase, others are available and ready for commercialization.

 A series of videos will be created and hosted by “Ralph and Rhonda” two roughnecks that don’t always see eye to eye. Ralph is an old-timer and likes to do things ..… the way we’ve always done ‘em in the oil patch’. Rhonda is relatively new to the industry, but has recently come back from visiting companies working with these new technologies. She is anxious to share what she has learned with Ralph. The web based application will be available to the public and used in workshops to develop a new breed of skilled individuals. Some of the new environmentally friendly technologies include: Closed Loop Mud Systems, Small Footprint Rigs, Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Systems, High Efficiency Water Handling and Processing Systems.

Phase I of the project is scheduled for completion at the end of September, 2012, with additional phases to follow. For more information on the HARC Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems organization, visit: www.efdsystems.org.

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